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Car rental Olbia airport

car rental olbia airport

Located in the north-east of the island, not far from the Costa Smeralda and headed by the stunning island of Tavolara, Olbia is famous for being one of the most important points of connection between Sardinia and the mainland. Its main airport each year see an increasing number of passengers (mainly from Europe); for this reason, it’s vital that you rent a car in Olbia especially during the months of July and August when the island is crowded.

With car rental Olbia airport Sardinia you have at your disposal an excellent search engine to compare the price of car hire at the Olbia airport Costa Smeralda. You can choose among many offers for all the type of rental: from the Smart mini car ideal for a couple to minivans like the Ford Galaxy, suitable for a big group of people or large families. 

Things to know when renting a car at the Olbia Costa Smeralda airport

rent a car olbia sardinia

When you rent a car at the Olbia airport usually you are asked to Ieave a deposit including the employing costs, a complete tank of petrol with no deductible fines. Being a first deposit warranty you'll certainly be asked to exhibit your credit cards (which need to in the driver’s name) with all these cards accepted:  Visa, American Express, Diners Club and MasterCard. In the case of pre-paid and standard rechargeable bank cards you'll be asked to leave down payment of €500.00 in cash together with the progress payment in the employing costs.

Estimates do not consist of: fuel costs, extras, virtually any fines or perhaps traffic accidents you might get while traveling the vehicle and drivers’ insurance.

If the rented car in Olbia is definitely returned to a different location than the Olbia Airport terminal there can be an extra charge of €60. 00.

Car rental Olbia airport hands their particular vehicles using a full box of gas. If the automobile is coming back without a complete container of petrol, then you definitely will be billed €16. 00 Euros (including tax) as well as the expense with the petrol deficiency.

To be qualified hire any vehicle you have to be more than 23 years old and have kept a traveling licence for more than twelve months.

In case you retain a car via Car Hire at Olbia Airport in Sardinia then your quote will include: endless mileage, international airport charges, 3rd party insurance, Casco insurance with fine, open up fire and theft insurance with charges and twenty percent VAT (22% in Italy as of January 2016).

News from the Olbia airport

olbia airport - meridiana

The Olbia airport saw a big increment of passengers in July: 535,000 travellers, 16% more compared to the same month in 2015 and the numbers are going to increase in 2017 because the airport management is going to open new connections with four European capitals also during the low season.


During the spring summer 2016, Meridiana (one of the main airflights companies operating at the Olbia airport) will connect the Olbia Costa Smeralda airport with Bergamo, Catania, Florence and also with many international airports like Paris, London and Moscow. The company is due to launch for the summer 2016 also 2 new connections: Olbia-Brescia and Olbia-Madrid (Barajas airport).

These connections will surely increase the company's summer offer in terms of destinations connected for a total of 14 domestic and 7 international.

Olbia: new flight connections with the airline Air Vallee. The airline company based in Genova expands its flight network and adds Olbia among its summer destinations. The new routes Olbia-Rimini and Pescara will depart next June 13 2016 and will have twice-weekly frequency.

Olbia airport, passenger records: 22,500 in 24 hours. Foreigners boom.

olbia airport

The island passing strangers is expected in 2017, but the Costa Smeralda Italian tourists is already a minority. Olbia airport (official site) looks increasingly across borders and the results are on his side. Official numbers still speak of Italian supremacy, from January to August 829.000 to 701.000, but the data also includes local passengers.

Net of Sardinian people, therefore, today we can already say that the Costa Smeralda pass more foreign tourists in Italy. A result which goes to reward the policy of excessively attached to foreign things Geasar, airport management company, projected increasingly across borders.

The regional Minister Morandi: is our strategy. “It shortens the gap between domestic and foreign presences in a very positive season”.
The best performance of the season, however, has no nationality. Friday, August 21 the Costa Smeralda has recorded its historical record of passengers in a single day: Olbia airport are 22,500 people crowded just 24 hours. Denoting numbers once again health status of Sardinia. In fact, compared to 12 months ago in August to Costa Smeralda passengers grew by 6.6 per cent, equivalent to approximately 23,000 people.

Outside border are the Germans to have the leadership to the Costa Smeralda, where are improved by 3.8 percent in 12 months. Slight growth in France, equal to 0.3, but firmly maintains second position with strong roots in French between Budoni and San Teodoro.

Instead, double-digit increase (14.7 percent) traffic between Olbia and the son of Switzerland, especially the presence of six different companies that connect Swiss airports with the Costa Smeralda. A competitiveness that inevitably is going to affect the price of the ticket.

Excellent also the numbers arriving from London, with a passenger who travels to 10.5 percent. About the landing at Olbia by British Airways, which for the first time connects Sardinia with Heathrow Airport, thus favouring the arrival on the island not only English, but also outside Europe, on all Arabs and Chinese, who fly into London.

Excellent performance then for Norway (more 73 percent), Slovakia (over 103) and Czech Republic (more 138), but the greater increase is that of the Netherlands, with a leap of 182 percent, thanks to Easyjet flight between Olbia and Amsterdam. "In 2014 we realized a strong potential demand for Dutch," explains Mario Gabuya, Geasar routes development manager. There were many although there were no direct flights. So we moved to encourage trafficking and the results have proved us right. Now we will try to do the same with Finland. "

2015 summer also saw some flights between the Costa Smeralda and Tunis. A link that was necessary after the attacks in the North African capital: cruise ships departing from Tunis were diverted to the island.

After the summer boom Geasar is very confident about the months of September and October: the goal is one million foreigners. But in the meantime the 2016: in one month in Durban, South Africa, will host the convention between airports and airlines that will set out the future of heaven. Including that of Olbia.

Image credits: Marek Slusarczyk [CC BY 3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0)], via Wikimedia Commons